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The Preliminary of IAEC in Boston held
DateandTime: 2017-09-19 21:22:39

The preliminary in Boston, the second station of the 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (IAEC) ends successfully on the afternoon of September 7 local time.

The event is sponsored by the US-China University International Science and Technology Innovation Park of Shandong University and Qingdao High-tech Zone. It attracted 19 hi-tech innovation and entrepreneurship projects in Boston to sign up for the competition. Finally, 14 projects were approved to the preliminary upon strict screening by the Organizing Committee. The preliminary was organized by COCOCAPITAL (Shanghai), Liaoyuan, Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Brown University, Ivy China Forum and other partners.

This competition finally produced Solstice and other 2 winning entrepreneurship programs of Boston-Station through live roadshow, long-distance defense, tutor comments, judge questions, etc. The winning projects will take part in the final competition held in Qingdao on September 25.

The 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (IAEC) is a brand activity project created by the US-China University International Science and Technology Innovation Park of Shandong University. The competition aims to work with more domestic and international institutions of higher learning, innovation entrepreneurship and technology transfer, as well as local governments to bring together more resources for our school, teachers and students, alumni, and partners. An international innovation and entrepreneurship exchange platform will be built to enhance the level of the projects and to promote landing and successful operation for more projects through the competition and forum. The competition is positioned as "international, advanced, cooperative, and practical". It has such characteristics as high positioning, high quality, wide range, strong international influence and clear purpose for landing. From February to April last year, the 2016 China-US Maker Forum and China-US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (IAEC) were successfully held. It has become a successful example of deepening pragmatic cooperation between the two countries and the positive exploration on cooperation between universities and cities in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. These are all attribute to its wide coverage, high level, strong participation and good reputation in society. This year's activities have expanded to more countries on the basis of China-US cooperation last year. There are more partners and it will bring better influence and results.

Mycroft AI(Eric)project

Solstice (Steve) project

Kelloggs Research Labs (Mingming) project

Z Imaging Inc (Jose) project

American Medical International DocExpress (Leonardo) remote video linkproject


META (Hai) project

Source: view.sdu.edu.cn

Translated by: Yuan Wen

Edited by: Xie Tingting, Lang Cuicui

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