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First Day of the New Semester: Spring Returns to Campus
DateandTime: 2018-03-06 19:13:30

With flowers in blossom and birds chittering, the new semester of SDU began on March 5. The drizzle stopped and the sun broke through, shining on flower buds in a sound sleep. On the road, on the playground, in the classroom…SDUers welcomed the brand new semester.

the national flag in the dawn

eight campuses of SDU in Jinan, Weihai and Qingdao saw the first ray of sunshine in the new semester

trees, fountains and birds welcomed the return of spring

people doing morning exercises

students reading in the morning

international students enrolled in SDU

kids in affiliated primary schools of SDU welcomed their new semesters, too

classes on the first day

Welcome to the canteen

libraries knew the hard work of SDUers

This is the first day of the semester, where all dream begins.


Photo by: the News Center

Edited by: Xie Tingting

Source: view.sdu.edu.cn

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