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Eleven SDU Professors Selected in the Third Batch of National "Ten Thousand Talent Program"
DateandTime: 2018-03-26 10:52:47

A total of eleven professors of Shandong University were selected in the third batch of the national "Ten Thousand Talent Program", six of which are leading talents and five young top-notch talents. Up to now, there are twenty leading talents and ten young top-notch talents included in the "Ten Thousand Talent Program" in SDU.
Among the six leading talents of this program, three of them are talents in scientific and technological innovation—Professor Huang Chuanzhen from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Cui Xinzhuang and Professor Li Shuchen from the School of Civil Engineering; two of them are talents in philosophy and social science—Professor Huang Shaoan from the Center for Economic Research and Professor Yang Huixin from the School of Management; and one national teaching master—Professor Wang Junju from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature.
The five young top-notch talents are Professor Li Liping from the School of Civil Engineering, Professor Ling Zongcheng from the School of Space Science and Physics in SDU (Weihai), Professor Yu Haohai from the Institute of Crystal Materials, Professor Zhao Lilu from the School of Mathematics and Professor Wei Qian from the School of Economics.
The "Ten Thousand Talent Program", i.e. the "National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program", is a program that selects ten thousand elite, leading talents and outstanding young scholars in natural science, engineering technology, philosophy and social science, whom will be provided with special support from the nation.
The national "Ten Thousand Talent Program" is composed of three levels. The first level is for outstanding talents, who are in the frontiers of science and technology worldwide, have obtained important achievements in scientific research or have the potential for world-class scientists. The second level is for leading talents in scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological entrepreneurship, philosophy and social sciences, and national teaching masters. The third level is for young top-notch talents. The program supports those who cut a striking figure, obtain high academic achievements, have the potential for innovation development or gain social influence in key academic fields such as natural science, engineering, philosophy and social science, culture and fine arts.

Source: view.sdu.edu.cn
Translated by: Zhang Kaige
Edited by: Xie Tingting, Song Yijun

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