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Notice for the "SDU Discovery" Writing/Photo Contest for International Students
DateandTime: 2018-10-16 21:19:51

To celebrate the 117th aniversary of Shandong University, the Department of Publicity and Department of International Affairs of SDU coorganize the "SDU Discovery" Writing/Photo Contest to enrich the campus life of SDU international students, and to encourage students to explore SDU, record lives in SDU and show talents.

1. Themes

(1)The beauty of SDU in your eyes

(2)Your experience and findings while staying at SDU

Your composition or photographic works can either focus on one of these themes, or involve both.

2. Participants

All international students at SDU

3. Submission Period

From now until November 4, 2018

4. Submission Method

Participants add the composition and/or photographic works to the compressed file, name it as "school+ name+ nationality+ phone number" and send it to the email address:sdudiscovery@163.com. Name the submission email as "name+ campus+ title of your works". Captions of photographic works should be compressed in the form of Word.

5. Entry Requirements

You can either hand in a composition or photographic works.

(1)Composition Requirements:

a. The composition should have a title, and the content should be healthy, lively and relevant with the theme. The composition should not be in violation of China's laws and regulations.

b. The composition should be written in English language. There is no limit to the number of words, but it's better to be no more than 800. Welcome to enclose related photos and captions.

(2)Photography requirements:

a. Entries should have clear themes and embody features of SDU, taken within this semester. All genres are welcomed but entries should not be in violation of China's relevant laws and regulations. Simple post-processing such as cropping and exposure adjustment can be performed on the entries, but endeavors to change the original appearance of the works, such as splicing, deleting, modifying photo materials, etc., are not permitted.

b. Mobile phones and cameras can both be used as the equipment.

c. Your works should be clear, more than 1M but no more than 15M in JPG or JPEG format.

d. Photographic works can be one picture or a set of pictures (not more than 5). Please name your works, and illustrate it within 50 words in the form of Word if needed (in English).


(1)The entries of both kinds must be completely original. Do not copy other people's works or use works in previous years, or the participant will be disqualified.

(2)The copyright and right of signiture of works belongs to the author, and the right of use belongs to the organizer.

6. Evaluation and Awards Setting

(1)The organizer will invite experts, teachers and photographers from different schools and departments to evaluate the compositions and photos respectively. The works will be sorted anonymously and graded by quality. We have first, second and third prizes for compositions and photos, the amount of awards depending on the number of valid contributions (top 5% as first prize, 10% second prize and 15% third prize). The winners will be awarded certificates and exquisite prizes, and all participants will get souvenirs.

(2)Winners will be announced on the English homepage of SDU (www.en.sdu.edu.cn) and through relevant media. Excellent award-winning works have the opportunity to be exhibited on the English homepage of Shandong University.

7. Contact Information

Yin Qize, 13391386629

Department of Publicity and Department of International Affairs, SDU

October 18, 2018

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