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The First Day of 2019: Striving to Achieve Our Dreams
DateandTime: 2019-01-02 10:19:16

As time flies, the year of 2018 which has witnessed our endeavor and achievements became the past. We have ushered into the new year of 2019 with flourishing dreams and hopes. Everyone is a dream chaser who is forging ahead relentlessly on his way to excellence and accomplishment.

In the morning, Shandong University embraced the first day of the new year with its best scenery in the golden sunshine as well as the sound of surging waves and the whistling sea winds.

Students and faculties are exercising in the playground, beside the square, or anywhere of the campus. They opened a new chapter of the new year by exercises.

These students who are going to study are the most beautiful figures of the new year.

Diligent studying begins with the first day of the new year.

In front of the Mingde Building, participants of the activity "Running City" are discussing and answering the questions. Running City is a travelling race in the city, which requires the participants in pairs to fulfill the tasks at designated place until they reach the destination.

During the New Year's holiday, the school bus dispatches as usual, providing convenience for students and faculties.

The safety and tidiness of our campus are owing to those who persist on their duties in the cold winter.

8:00 the Second Operation Department of the Second Hospital of Shandong University

At 8:00 in the morning, the medical staff are busy preparing for their first operation in 2019—thoracic aorta stent implantation.

8:30 Section for Outpatients in the Infirmary of Central Campus

Zhang Zhongchen,the young doctor,is making a diagnosis for a student who didn't come back home during the New Year's holiday.

9:00 Engineering Laboratory of Tumor Marker Detection of Shandong Province in the Secondary Hospital of Shandong University

Wang Yifan, a second grade postgraduate from an innovative team of "tumor biomarker" and instructed by Professor Wang Chuanxin, is digesting the cells.

9:00 Quancheng Park

At the beginning of the new year, members of the marathon enthusiasts' association of SDU gathered in the Quancheng Park, joined the New Year running activity and welcomed the arrival of new year by running.

9:30 Innovation Building in Qianfoshan Campus

Many students are still doing experiments during the New Year holiday. In room 405, Yang Shuai, the postgraduate of 2016, is testing the artificial car KOMODO, and other four postgraduates from the School of Control Science and Engineering are writing the code and complete the scientific research assigned by their instructor. In the room 505, Wang Jian, the postgraduate of 2016, is using computer to demonstrate the facial recognition system.

9:40 Shi Zhengzhen, the Staff of Xinglongshan Campus Library

Being on duty on the first day of the new year did not bother her. It is her best wishes that everything goes well with her work and SDU students achieve academic excellence and make further progress in the new year.

10:00 Conference Room of the School of Physical Education

Wang Fei, the vice president of the School of Physical Education and his team of doctor and master degree candidates from the University of Jinan and SDU are discussing about the standard of the special physical culture towns in Shandong Province.

10:00 Huagang Garden in Qingdao Campus

Da Wenjun, the teacher in charge of the student service appointed from Xinjiang, is talking with students of ethnic minority so as to learn about their studying and living conditions.

10:00 Dormitory of Teacher and Faculty in the South of Central Campus

During the New Year's Holiday, lead by Xu Xiaogang, the Party branch of Taishan College do the voluntary work in home of retired Professor Long Heping and bring him the best wishes.

10:10 Mingde Building in the Central Campus

During the New Year's Holiday, people are still busy with their works.

11:00 Infirmary in Qingdao Campus

Wang Lin, the surgeon of Qilu Hospital and Wang Likun, the nurse on duty, have just finished the treatment of patient, and are putting the medicine in order.

11:40 Central Campus

Despite the cold weather, the Central Campus is full of energy on the first day of the new year. Children from a training school are interested in the culture and history of Shandong University as they choose to participate in the research and study activity here at this special time.

12:00 Central Campus and Xinglongshan Campus

To create better festival atmosphere, in Central, Botuquan and Xinglongshan Campuses, the writing and drawing association decorated the booth, gave the red antithetical couplet to students as a gift and deliver their best wishes.

14:00 Key Laboratory of Particle Physics and Particle Irradiation in Central Campus

Ling Haotian, the doctoral candidate from the School of Microelectronics, come to the laboratory to do experiment as usual until and it may last to 10 o'clock in the evening.

14:00 Playground in Xinglongshan Campus

The association of quincuncial piles had an activity for fresmen, and members from different campuses all gathered in Xing Longshan campus for training and presentation.

15:00 Dormitory of International Students in Central Campus

Lucie, who is about to graduate, is busy with her paper on the first day of the new year, and she said that she was also thinking about her paper during Christmas. What makes her most impressed and proud is that she drove across two countries on her own. Besides, her accounting report receive good results, she got good grades in the 5th and 6th grades of HSK, and made many good friends.

Jan 1, Gymnasium of Central Campus

The new year performance of the Basic Education Group of Shandong University was held on Jan 1 and the events for primary and middle schools are in the morning and afternoon respectively. As the person in charge, Zhang Dunying, the director of student development center of the Group and the director of moral education office of the Middle School Affiliated to Shandong University, pays attention to the intercom all the time.

18:15 Literature Life House in Central Campus

In the evening, the atmosphere of Literature Life House is warm because many students enjoyed the live broadcast of the 2019 New Year concert of Vienna.

In 2019, while enjoying the sunlight of the new year, let's strive to pursue our dreams with efforts, love and warmth.

Translated by: Liu Tongying

Edited by: Che Huiqing ,Wang Jingnan

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