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The 5th SDU Museum Cultural Product Design Competition Held
DateandTime: 2019-05-28 08:34:05

The Creativity Design Competition of Cultural Heritage, as well as the 5th SDU Museum Cultural Product Design Competition, was held on the Central Campus recently. 18 teams took part in the activity, and two won the First Prizes, four Second Prizes, five Third Prizes and several Excellence Awards.

The entities were diverse and innovative, such as a cube combined with the wine vessel culture in Han Dynasty, pendants and T-shirts integrated into the porcelain culture, and umbrellas with the ancient Chinese style. They presented the cultural value of the SDU museum collections from different perspectives and took the practical value of the design works into consideration, which brought new light to the antiquities.

Translated by: Peng Wanran

Edited by:Xie Tingting, Shi Yajie

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