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Office of Educational Administration
Date and Time: 2017-10-23 22:06:09

Office of Educational Administration is a department in charge of the undergraduate teaching affairs of the university. The duties of the office mainly cover the following: the setting and construction of disciplines and specialties, the formulation, revision and carrying-out of educational plans, the organization and administration of course construction, the organization and administration of teaching process, the construction of teaching materials, the organization and administration of experiment, practice and training, teaching reform and research.

Office of Educational Administration is the general office of the operation of the undergraduates' education of the university. It plays a pivotal role in making all the teaching units, all the teachers and all the students connect with each other. It is responsible for pushing forward the teaching reform and the teaching construction of the university and responsible for safeguarding the quality of undergraduates' education of the university. It always adheres to the guidelines of advanced conceptions, to constantly create more effective mode of students' education, to deepen the teaching management reform, to strengthen the basic teaching construction, to perfect the control mechanism of teaching quality, and to improve the quality and efficiency of the education of the university. The office aims at "fostering excellent undergraduates" and "focusing on the study and growth of every student". The office has already received many awards, such as the " Award for Nationwide Excellent Office of Education Administration in Colleges of General Higher Education" and " Award for Excellent Office of Education Administration in Colleges of General Higher Education in Shandong Province".

Office of Educational Administration has a dean and four vice deans. It is composed of seven sections, which are the Section of Teaching Affair Management, the Section of Teaching Research, the Section of Practice Management, the Section of Exchange Management, the Section of Specialty Construction and Base Management, and the Section of Comprehensive Business. The Office of Undergraduates' Enrollment, the Office of Undergraduates' Teaching Assessment, the Taishan School, and the Modern Education Technology Center are attached to Office of Educational Administration. The personnel of the Office are stable, balanced in structure, high in comprehensive quality, and willing in service. The Office attaches great importance to the construction of teaching regulations, and as a result it is comprehensive in system, strict in execution, normalized in management and prominent in efficiency. While effectively dealing with teaching management, the Office is actively engaged in teaching management research and has won many teaching awards at both state and provincial level.


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