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International Student Chavan Devendra: Tips For a Healthy, Safe and a Happy Stay in China
Date and Time: 2017-10-24 01:35:58


Being an International student in a foreign country is quite interesting as well as challenging. It has its Pros and Cons. It broadens our horizon and thinking ability, makes us more independent and mature. At the same time we feel isolated and homesick sometimes as we need to manage all by ourselves. Being a fresher especially is quite difficult as everything is new to them.


Here are some useful suggestions for all my International fresh mates:


Ø   According to Chinese Law, every student must register in a local police station within 24 hours of entry into China.


Ø   If one plans to move out of the campus, they need to register in the police station near his/her residency as early as possible.


Ø   You also need to go to the Exit-Entry Administrative Bureau, Jinan (Visa Bureau) to get your resident permit. You need to take your passport as well as all the required documents given by the school when you go there.


Ø   Pay attention to the date of your passport and visa expiry. You need to renew them before it gets expired. It is very important.


Don't worry too much. The International Student Affairs Office of Shandong University helps us a lot to deal with all of these. They offer pickup services for all the new students, they take the students to the Visa Bureau and they also help us to get registered in the Police Station. Thanks to them! We just need to pay attention to the notification kept in the International Student Building (No.8 building) in the medical campus or regularly check the Shandong University International Students website. The school updates all the information there.


Ø   If you encounter any problems please contact our student office immediately. The teachers and staff are very kind and they offer the best help.


Ø   Download an English-Chinese dictionary on your phone or buy a dictionary and carry with you all the time .Trust me ...It helps a lot to learn, communicate and make friends with Chinese students as well as the local people.


Ø   Try to learn as much Chinese as you can. It helps you to make your stay here a better one. Learning a new language also gives you an extra edge over others.


Ø   Some Chinese students are shy to speak to foreigners at the first time, but if you can get to know each other, they might being your best friends for life. Most of the Chinese students can speak good English.


Ø   Make more Chinese friends. They make your stay in China a memorable and colorful one. They can also be helpful to deal with problems you might face.


Guard your health carefully as you are far from your family members. Wear adequate amount of clothes, gloves, hat, shoes and scarf to keep yourself warm during winter.


I hope my suggestions would be helpful not only to fresher's but also to all my international student friends. Wish you all a wonderful and safe stay in China.




Written by Dr.Chavan Devendra (Dave) from India, 1st year Masters Student, School of Medicine, Shandong University

Source: School of Medicine

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