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Collections of Award-winning Photo Works from SDU Discovery Contest
Date and Time: 2018-11-29 11:18:20

SDU Discovery Writing/Photo Contest for International Students has drawn a perfect full stop! We congratulate to the winners and appreciate all participations. Now we have picked up some excellent works to share with you. Let's enjoy them!

1.By Mandakh Lkhagvadolgor



2. By Ting Yiann Rong(陈彦融)

3. By Mian Nabeel Anwar

Beauty of the nature-a never ending love story.

SDU-Jinan campus stadium

Life is a race.

4. By Arshath Anish

5. By Mosebetsi Michael Moleka

6. ByLanny Leonita(刘世兰)

How beautifully the autumn leaves

It's a beautiful October, when you are in the fall with me

Look at the beautiful sunset and smile

7. By Aleksandra Januszewska

8. By Anshuka Rani Das

One world one love.

Calm at the Tiyuguan.

9. By Rahman Md Rafee Ur

The grand door to become a physician.

Here life goes with time honored craftsmanship.

10.By Alireza Parhizgar

11.By Nurhidayatul Aqmar Hj Morsid

12.By Peiynn Yeoh杨珮芸

13.By Noor Mohammad Sarker

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