Muhammad Javed Iqbal: A Way of Life
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Muhammad Javed Iqbal: A Way of Life
DateandTime: 2017-03-08 17:16:25


I would like to tell you about my favorite classes in this semester. Overall it was a nice experience to get extra knowledge from Professors through their interesting lectures and also due to more case studies. My favorite classes are Operations Management & Strategic Management. I like these classes mostly because the Professors inspire me to think, mostly because the classes encourage me to read about current problems in the world, but partly because they give me the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students.



Mapping out your success plan is a great way to see the journey before you start. While you don’t need to know every point along the path from A to B, you do need to have a frame of reference, and a way to keep getting back on track. Your map will be your guide.


I was also lucky to have a professor who engaged the classes with thought provoking discussions, which constitute most of the in-class activities. Outside of class, periodic assignments included reading articles, researching, and rough drafts for essays and presentations. Only in the week or so before the presentation is due does the work load increase. However, working ahead (i.e. resisting procrastination) and eliminating distractions while writing assignments will dramatically reduce the amount of time necessary to complete them.


A simple way to think of “How to be a professional” is dream it, plan it and do it. Becoming professional is not about popular notions like personal productivity, habits, inspiration, emotional intelligence or positive thinking. It’s not about thinking like an entrepreneur or being a leader. And it’s certainly not about faking it till you make it. For those who spend their lives doing what everyone else dreams or writes about, this is what being professional is really all about.


At the end, the fastest thing you can change in any situation is yourself. If you keep  changing your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, you'll keep producing different results. Use this insight to keep making progress and finding your way forward. This is actually a way of life. Good luck and keep forward.

Written by: Muhammad Javed Iqbal (JD) from the School of Economics, SDU

Edited by: Lang Cuicui 

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