The Dragon Boat Festival Celebrated by SDU International Students
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The Dragon Boat Festival Celebrated by SDU International Students
DateandTime: 2017-06-07 16:54:51

On May 28, the Dragon Boat Festival cultural experience activityfor SDU international students was held in Jinan Fangte Eastern Myth Park themed "Chinese intangible cultural heritages". International students from Pakistan, Russia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Jamaica, Italy and other countries took part in the event. 


The culture experience begun with such traditional Dragon Boat Festival competitions as zongzi-eating competition, dragon boat race on land, and the ruby pitch-pot game, which enabled the international students to feel the strong cultural atmosphere of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. After the competitions are various culture experience programs in the park. The students learned about the vast and profound Chinese culture with a history of more than 5,000 years by watching an IMAX film titled Spirits of China; they enjoyed the traditional music and visual arts of different Chinese ethnic groups when rafting in the Colorful Kingdom; and they felt the distinctiveness of traditional Chinese folk culture after watching several amazing stage shows including Meng Jiangnv, Leifeng Pagoda, the Legend of Liang & Zhu, the Cowboy & the Weaver Girl, and the Legend of Nvwa, all with elaborate ideas and advanced technologies.


The series of traditional culture experience activities are an important part of SDU’s characteristic cultivating program for international students themed with "Appreciate Distinctive Chinese Culture and Enjoy More China Opportunities". Many experience activities have been held this semester like zither playing, Taiyi fist position, erhu and jinghu making, zongzi making on the Dragon Boat Festival, and movable type-printing etc., having offered great culture feasts for the international students.

Translated by: Shi Yajie

Edited by: Xie Tingting, Lang Cuicui


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