Syed Mohsin Ali: Saying Goodbye to SDU
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Syed Mohsin Ali: Saying Goodbye to SDU
DateandTime: 2017-06-28 15:19:28

With birds singing and fountain flowing and in a celebratory atmosphere with unity, happiness, dancing, music and a sense of accomplishment, Shandong University raised the bar this year and orchestrated a most memorable graduation ceremony for the Class of 2017, starting on Medical Campus and ending at Main Campus. 

This prestigious university produced graduates from every country in the world. The different coloured gowns reminded me of my journey through SDU: a black gown for Bachelor’s, a blue gown for Master’s and now a red gown for my Ph.D. My heart was full of joy and I could see the reflection of happiness in the eyes of each graduate present, a reflection that represented a promising future and a proud moment of achievement. This graduation was a great moment to conclude the hard work and dedication needed to obtain a degree. I tip my graduation cap to the leadership and teachers who orchestrated these momentous events. 


At the Buffet party for “Outstanding Graduates”, I was mesmerized by the effort and content with the delicious food laid out for us. I have attended this ceremony for the third time now and it keeps getting better like each and every one on the campus. After my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, I was honoured with the "Excellent Graduate" award and in my final year at SDU——the “Outstanding Graduate” award. This wonderful campus always requests me to express my thoughts on campus life, SDU and China. What more can I say when I have lost my heart here?!

I must congratulate every graduate who has passed through this university for obtaining a degree is a very noble accomplishment. I thank SDU for making these moments even more special with the inclusion of our parents. I give recognition to all the seniors who came before for their contributions in building this university into what we see today. I thank SDU for presenting us with every possible opportunity on our life journey. I have been at SDU since 2004 and this year marks my 13th year here. I don’t know how to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. I have excelled academically and sharpened my talents in every other field of study thanks to this University. I have built lasting relationships with people from various countries and walks of life. I have been a representative for my class and my entire SDU family. I have been privileged to work alongside deans, dignitaries, officials of SDU, Medical Campus and the Chinese government. I have been an ambassador of my country, this university and China on a number of different platforms. I have had the opportunity to pioneer so many cultural and sporting events at this university. I was the first medical student to present at OBOR which has been an incredible experience. I was able to offer a helping hand to everyone who was in need of it and I founded a Student Body that could continue this legacy. For everything that I was able to do and achieve in this country, I thank Shandong University and the CSC.

As meaningful as this doctorate is for me, it is the education I received at SDU that holds greater value. Education is more than a piece of paper; it is the value system of the mind. We learn courage, wisdom, righteousness, justice, professionalism, understanding, appreciation for the achievements of others, encouragement and forgiveness through education. Everything we aspire to be is possible through education——Confucius taught us the value of it.

I thank SDU for this education and these opportunities as well as the recognition of our efforts as students. The CSC rewards us for our hard work and dedication. SDU too, awards us for our contributions as class representatives, good scholars and contributing students. We, as a SDU family, also show each other love and recognition for our contributions. This is the most amazing feeling. It is clear that we all have a role to play in beautifying this university but we can achieve more if we work together. During tough times and challenges, both students and university officials should combine their efforts so that we could improve our global image. If we beautify the world together, we will have so much more to be proud of. 


My advice to you, SDUers, is that your life will be either happy or stressful. When you are happy ensure that it is rightfully deserved without bringing harm to anyone. When you are unhappy then remember the power of positive energy. Be a part of this university; build it and beautify it. In doing so, remember that you are a universe within yourself. Your good outweighs any amount of bad——remember the strength and power of it. So go beautify the world and remember to do whatever little good you can for it will make a great difference.

My journey at SDU has run to completion and it has been a beautiful journey of discovery. I have shared many memories and wisdoms that will continue in the journeys of those who have been influenced by me: I am honoured and humbled by this fact. 

Shandong University, you will live in my heart for eternity. I love you, SDU and China! And this love is greater than all the words I know, in every language I know!


Written by Syed Mohsin Ali, Ph.D. graduate at Shandong University School of Medicine

Editted by Lang Cuicui, Peng Wanran

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