School of Stomatology
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School of Stomatology

Founded in 1977, the School of Stomatology was originally part of Shandong Medical University. In 2000, after the merger of Shandong University, Shandong Medical University and Shandong University of Technology, the School of Stomatology was officially formed along with the school hospital. In 2006 the hospital was formally designated as the Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital.


The school and hospital occupy roughly 13 000 m2. It has 18 departments with 98 doctors whose expertise cover almost all oral diseases. The hospital's clinic was equipped with more than 140 sets of dental units, with digitalized X-ray machines and CBCTs for dental service. The hospital also has a Sino-German Denture Manufacturing Center.


The school has 96 faculty and staff members, including 20 professors, 30 associated professors, and 14 lecturers. There are 6 Ph.D. supervisors and more than 40 master's supervisors. The school has 4 teaching departments including Oral Medicine (operative dentistry and endodontics), Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Prosthetics, and Oral Orthodontics, 2 teaching sections including Oral Pathology. The school also has a research unit whose main research interests include periodontal tissue engineering, development, and genetic regulation; oral microbiology; and oral implants, etc.


The school offers bachelor's degree, master degree and Ph.D. degree programs. There are 246 currently students registered in 5-year programs, 145 students in 7-year programs, 96 master's students and 31 Ph. D. candidates.


School of Stomatology has established wide links with partners from the U.S.A., Japan, and Korea, in addition to ties with the Dentistry School of Nihon University and School of Dentistry of Tuft University.


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