College of International Education
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College of International Education


The College of International Education was established in 1994. It consists of the Department of Chinese Language Teaching, the Department of Education, the Department of Preparatory Study for International Students, and the Language and Culture Promotion and Research Center. It is mainly engaged in international students' education, training professors for teaching Chinese abroad, the development of the Confucius Institute, and the development of the Chinese National Base for Chinese Language Promotion.


The College is responsible for the admission, teaching, management and services for international students. It boasts top-quality faculty and management personnel, and a wide range of teaching and living facilities. Since the 1980s, more than 10000 international students from over 110 countries have studied at SDU.


To meet the demand for Chinese language teachers for international students, the College has established a comprehensive personnel training system, offering Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs in education. Its goal is to produce qualified teachers to teach Chinese to people of different cultures. The College is also responsible for the development of overseas Confucius Institutes. So far, it has set up 8 Confucius Institutes and classrooms in South Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Australia, France, the Netherlands and Thailand. The Base for Traditional Chinese Culture Research and Experience is a national base and plays an important role in teaching Chinese to international students. It undertakes language and cultural research and dissemination, which includes cultural experience and the development of cultural products.


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