School of Marxism
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School of Marxism
DateandTime: 2011-10-10 14:41:37

The SDU School of Marxism is a secondary institution responsible for political theory teaching and scientific research. It is also a supporting institution of Marxist theory courses, mainly in charge of the teaching, scientific research of Marxist theory, discipline construction of Marxism and so on.

At present, the school has an in-service staff of 67, belonging to 4 teaching and research sections, 6 research institutes.The 5 main courses in its charge have been developed into quality courses at the university level, and even at the provincial and national level. The school was approved the first level discipline doctorate programme in Marxist theory. It is a mobile station for post-doctoral studies and a training base for higher educational teaching staff in ideological and political studies. It is running a special in-service doctorate programme, enrolling teachers and political instructors for the academic degree.




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