Recruitment of the Dean for the School of Health Care Management from Home or Abroad

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    Shandong University Recruiting Domestic and Overseas Outstanding Scholars

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As a time-honored key comprehensive university under the direct supervision of China's Ministry of Education (MOE), Shandong University (SDU) boasts distinctive features in its education and research. It enjoys academic strength in a wide range of disciplines, and ranks among the top universities in China and is well known abroad. It is a member university of the national Project 211 and Project 985, two national key construction projects to support the development of high-quality universities.

The university has well-established platforms for teaching and researches: 2 national key first level disciplines (covering 8 second-level disciplines), 17 national key second level disciplines, 8 state-level research bases (including state key labs, state engineering research centers, a national engineering laboratory, and a national engineering promotion center), 4 key research bases of humanity and social sciences under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and 4 discipline innovation intellectual resource bases of the State Foreign Experts Administration and MOE. These platforms cover the disciplinary fields of liberal arts, science, engineering and medicine and help SDU to achieve coordinated development between different disciplines.

Adhering to the guiding principle of "producing highly qualified graduates for society and contributing to the prosperity of the country", Shandong University has committed itself to the construction of a high-level competitive faculty team with its "Ten-One Hundred-One Thousand Elite Program", aiming to attract strategic scientist-style outstanding scholars, principle investigators of various disciplines, and academic pacesetters who enjoy intellectual potentials.

SDU is now extending its invitation to talented researchers both at home and abroad to join its academic body to enhance the academic competitiveness, social influence, and internationalization of the University.