Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of Shandong University Announcement No.1

Updated: September 17, 2021

Located to the west of the Yellow Sea and north of the Mount Tai, Shandong University is an initiative university of modern Chinese higher education, with its precursor, Shandong Imperial College (Shandong Da Xue Tang), established in 1901. Shandong Imperial College was one of the first educational institutions established and run in accordance with a chartered constitution.

Since its birth, Shandong University has gone through several stages of significant growth and changes. Starting as the Shandong Imperial College, it was then reborn as the National Qingdao University, the National Shandong University, Shandong University, and the multi-campus Shandong University in its present form, which is the result of the merger of former Shandong University, Shandong Medical University and Shandong Industrial University in 2000.

For around 120 years, Shandong University has been following the mission of “nurturing talents for the world and seeking prosperity for the nation”. The university has cultivated over 600,000 talented young people of various specialties, and has been making significant contributions for the country and the regional economic and social development.

Adhering to the motto of “noble in spirit and endless in knowledge” and well-known for its strong liberal arts programs, the university has greatly increased its international influence with its ability to serve both the country and the local needs of Shandong.

The university has been developing by leaps and bounds in recent years with a strategy of “strengthening through talent attraction, academic vitalization, serving Shandong province, guiding prosperity through culture, going internationalization and pursuing an integrated development”.

Shandong University is celebrating its 120th anniversary on Oct 15, 2021. It is about to hold a series of celebrations around the theme of “120 years of theuniversity committed to developing itself and vitalizing the country” to sum up the experience of school-running, review its initiatives and mission, and carry forward the cultural tradition of Shandong University. It is working hard to gather strength to accelerate development toward the aim of becoming a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and make great contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Here, we would like to pay great tribute to friends from all walks of life who have supported Shandong University for a long time, and extend cordial greetings to SDU alumni all over the world. We cordially invite friends all over the world to gather at the school and celebrate this grand event.

It is hereby noticed.

Shandong University

Oct 15, 2020

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