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SDU's 2021 Invitation to Domestic and Foreign Talents

Updated: September 23, 2021

Shandong University (SDU) is a key comprehensive university of both domestic and global reputation under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. With a long history, many disciplines, strong academic quality, and distinctive characteristics, SDU aims to build itself into a world-class university (Class A). In recent years, SDU has achieved rapid development, with its comprehensive strength and education quality improving significantly and international influence increasing greatly.

SDU currently has 19 scientific research platforms at the state level, 46 at the ministerial level, and more than 150 provincial ones such as provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research centers. Eighteen disciplines have reached the top 1% of ESI and five disciplines have reached the top 1‰ of ESI in terms of academic contributions and influence. Inter-school cooperation between SDU and over 200 universities in more than 30 countries and regions have been established.

With eight campuses distributed located throughout Jinan, Weihai, and Qingdao, a "one university, three cities" model of school management has taken shape. Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, a Western medicine education source in China, provides first-class health care services for faculty and staff. The top-ranked affiliated primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in China provide the country's highest-quality basic education for the children of faculty and staff.

In order to achieve its strategic goal of becoming a world-class university, SDU has formulated a series of high-level talent introduction plans and sincerely welcomes top professionals from home and abroad to join Shandong University and create a bright future together.

Disciplines and Research Platforms

  • ESI top 1 percent disciplines: chemistry, physics, clinical medicine, materials science, biology and biochemistry, engineering, molecular biology and genetics, pharmacology and toxicology, neuroscience and behavior, mathematics, immunology, the environment and ecology, animal and plant sciences, computer science, agricultural sciences, integrated social sciences, microbiology and earth sciences

  • ESI top 1‰ disciplines: chemistry, materials science, engineering, clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology

  • State key labs: State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology

  • National applied mathematics centers: Shandong National Center for Applied Mathematics

  • National research centers: National Glycoengineering Research Center, National Research Center for Assisted Reproductive Technology and Reproductive Genetics, National Engineering Research Center for Colloidal Materials

  • National engineering labs: National Engineering Laboratory of Coal-fired Pollutants Emission Reductions, National Joint Engineering Laboratory of Power Grid with Electric Vehicles, National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce Technologies

  • National engineering research centers: National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center of New Energy and High Efficiency Energy Conservation

  • Other national research platforms: Comprehensive National Platform for Drug Research and Development, Health and Medical Institute, Electronic Components Cleaning Technology Engineering Technology Extension Center

  • Joint international labs: Joint International Research Laboratory of Environmental and Social Archaeology, Shandong University

  • Humanities and social science key research bases of the Ministry of Education: Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy, Institute of Contemporary Socialism, Institute of Contemporary Socialism, Center for Literary Theory and Aesthetics, Center for Judaic and Inter-religious Studies of Shandong University

  • Collaborative innovation centers co-built with Shandong province: Collaborative Innovation Center of Confucianism Civilization

  • Public technology platforms for large instruments and equipment: the Analytical Center for Structural Constituents and Physical Property, the Testing and Manufacturing Center for Advanced Materials, the HPC Cloud Platform, Core Facilities for Life and Environmental Sciences, Translational Medicine Sharing Platform

In addition, there are more than 200 research platforms at the ministerial and provincial level.

Positions & Requirements

Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy, be of good character, have a rigorous attitude toward academic research, and have an upright academic style. They should also abide by the professional ethics required for teachers and scientific research workers at colleges and universities, have a strong work ethic, dedication, and team spirit, and meet the following job requirements:

Top and leading talent
1. Top academic and leading talent are those who have an international and strategic vision for subject development, achieve high-level original research results recognized by international peers in their academic field, or do important work of groundbreaking significance in their field, play an important role in serving the national strategies and economic and social development, and exert a significant social impact.
2. Generally, applicants in the fields of natural science and humanities and social science should be under the age of 55 and 60, respectively. There is no age limit for top talent.

High-level youth talent
1. High-level youth talent refers to young and middle-aged academic leaders who engage in forward-looking and innovative research in fields of major national need and at the academic frontier, have achieved significant research results with strong academic influence, and have strong academic potential. Focus is laid on the introduction of overseas outstanding youth talent and other State-level youth talent. For more details, please refer to the Notice on Relevant Matters of the 2021 National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project (Overseas) Application.
2. Generally, applicants in the fields of natural science and humanities and social science should be under the age of 45 and 55, respectively.

Qilu youth scholar
1. A Qilu youth scholar is a scholar involved in fields of major national need, are on the academic frontier, and meet the development needs of SDU, who engages in forward-looking and innovative research, has achieved significant research results with strong academic influence, has strong academic potential, and is among the top scholars of their age range in their field.
2. Applicants in the fields of natural science and humanities and social science should be under the age of 35 and 40, respectively.

Pre-employed and contract-based employment teachers
1. The positions of researcher and associate researcher are set up for pre-employed teachers, while the position of research assistant is set up for contract-based employment teachers. Applicants should have a doctorate degree or the highest degree in their subject, and their scientific research ability and academic level should meet the requirements of the subject or the corresponding position at the college.
2. In principle, researcher, associate researcher, and research assistant applicants should be under the age of 40, 35, and 32, respectively.

Teachers of foreign nationality and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
1. Abide by the constitution and laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese nation.
2. Academic and professional teachers are required to have a doctorate degree and related professional work experience. Priority is given to those who worked as assistant professor or above at overseas universities or scientific research institutions. Language teachers are required to have a bachelor's degree or above, have specialized training in language teaching, and have more than two years of relevant work experience in the education field.
3. Applicants should generally be under the age of 50, and the age limit for language teachers is flexible. 

Recruitment Disciplines & Platforms
Please click to download the attachment on  2021 Recruitment Information.xlsx

Remuneration & Support
1. Position recruitment: Qilu Youth Scholar (First Level) or above are able to apply for the positions of professor and doctoral supervisor through a green channel.
2. Remuneration: Competitive salary, reward for major scientific research achievements, performance reward, and uncapped comprehensive income are available. SDU has established a salary increase mechanism to continuously improve the competitiveness of talent treatment. The benefits of introducing top talent can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
3. Working conditions: Adequate funding for scientific research, unimpeded development channel, and first-class environment for teaching and scientific research are provided. Priority will be given to eligible talent in being recommended to apply for provincial and municipal top talent (teams) for innovation and entrepreneurship and the Taishan Scholar plan, as well as obtaining provincial and municipal scientific research funding and team support.
4. Living conditions: Apartments for transition and generous relocation and housing benefits are available for talent and teachers. Eligible persons can enjoy additional subsidies for purchasing houses, living, and renting. The Qilu Hospital of Shandong University provides high-quality health care services for SDU's teaching and administrative staff, and Shandong SDU Fundmental Education Group provides the country's highest-quality basic education for the children of faculty and staff.
5. Service assurance: In addition to SDU's comprehensive high-quality services, the Shandong Huicai Card and talent service cards in Jinan, Weihai, and Qingdao are available to be applied for. Integrated support services at the provincial, municipal, and district levels, and dozens of green channel services such as entry-exit and residence, medical care, social services, fitness, and tourism are also accessible.

How to apply
This recruitment announcement is valid throughout the year. The materials required for application include but are not limited to a detailed personal resume and brief introduction of one's academic achievements. Applicants can make direct contact with the designated person in charge of the recruitment of the applicant unit (see the attachment for contact information), and somebody will be assigned to help complete the application. Applicants can also contact SDU's personnel department (office of talent management) for more details.

For top and leading talent, high-level youth talent, Qilu youth scholar: Zhou Guoning, +86-531-88365747, rcb@sdu.edu.cn
For pre-employed and contract-employed teachers: Li Yan, +86-531-88365747, rcb@sdu.edu.cn
For teachers of foreign nationality and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: Cao Huiren, +86-531-88364303, rsk@sdu.edu.cn


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