• Cultural Experience

    The Center for Research and Experience of Traditional Chinese Culture of Shandong University was founded in early 2009. It explores a mode of cultural teaching and cultural communications based on experience, supported by national platforms and universities.

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  • Museums

    There are more than 40,000 items in various collections – 17,000 of which are cultural relics, including ceramics, porcelain pieces, bronzes, gold and silverware, stone and jade ware, tiles, tombstones, coins, as well as calligraphy and paintings in Shandong University Museum.

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  • Videos

    Here you can learn about Shandong University and its many activities through a collection of short videos. Let's check out them.

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  • Photos

    Here is a photo gallery of the picturesque campuses of Shandong University. Photos of students' events can also be found here.

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  • Maps and Travel

    Shandong University comprises campuses in three different cities – Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai. By travelling to different campuses, students can enjoy different landscapes, such as natural springs in Jinan, as well as swimming in the sea at Qingdao and taking a dip in Weihai.

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  • About SDU

    Shandong University is a key comprehensive university with a long and honorable history, a broad variety of disciplines, strong academic strength and distinctive characteristics, which has had a great influence both at home and abroad.

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