SDU Album丨May

Updated: September 11, 2021

May 31. One Day in Baotuquan Campus

May 30. Fragrance in the Library

May 29. SDU "Top 10 Singers"

May 28. Grain Buds

May 27. A Scholar's Spirit

May 26.Rainbow in SDU

May 25.Beauticians of the Campus

May 24.Prime Summer

May23. Nurture

May22. By the Sea and Mountains

May 21.Love More

May 20. I Love You, SDU

May 19. Season of Graduation

May18. From the Past to the Present

May17. Champion of the Challenge Cup

May15. The Challenge Cup

May 14.Bloom of Youth

May 13. A Bite of SDU

May 11. On the Way

May 10. Anthems to the History

May9. Long Live Mother's Love

May 8. After the Rain

May 7. A Sunny Day in Early Summer

May 6. Night at SDU Stadium

May 5. Lifelong Love

May 4. Happy Youth Day

May 3. Get Prepared

May 2. Salute to Heroes

May 1. Labor is Glorious

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