SDU Album丨July

Updated: September 11, 2021

Jul 31. Sleep in Colours

Jul 30. Bridge and Brook

Jul 29. In-Fa’s Coming

Jul 28. Soothing Night

Jul 27. Strolling Alone

Jul 26. Four Treasures of the Study

Jul 25. Basketball Court and Me

Jul 24. The First Light of Draw

Jul 23. SDU Alumni, General Luo Ronghuan

Jul 22. National Flag Guard

Jul 21. Through the Light

Jul 20. Pottery Class at Summer School

Jul 19. Morning Waits for No Man

Jul 18. Flourishing

Jul 17. Watching

Jul 16. The Art of Layering

Jul 15. Soccer Pitch in the Afterglow

Jul 14. Golden Sunset

Jul 13. Rosy Afterglow

Jul 12. Standing by the Mountain

Jul 11. Songs and Laughter

Jul 9. Sea of Clouds

Jul 8. Fluttering Red Flag

Jul 7. Game of Teamwork

Jul 6. Rosy Sky

Jul 5. Hi, Military Training!

Jul 4. Watering a Rainbow

Jul 3. University Gate in a Distance

Jul 2. Path in the Evening

Jul 1. Reading

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