SDU Album丨August

Updated: September 11, 2021

Aug 31. In the Classroom

Aug 30. Seaside Park

Aug 29. Tender and Warm

Aug 28. Look at Each Other

Aug 27. In a Bird's Eyes

Aug 26. Lovely Life

Aug 25. The Beauty of Symmetry

Aug 24. Early Morning Sunshine

Aug 23. Golden Afternoon

Aug 22. Twilight

Aug21. Bear in Mind

Aug 20. Sunny Blue

Aug 19. Tranquil Afternoon

Aug 18. Basketball Court

Aug 16. Night at SDU

Aug 15. A Tale of the Sea and Mountains

Aug 14.Yue Yuan in the Afterglow

Aug 13.Lights and Shades

Aug 11. SDU from a Distance

Aug10. Golden Sunset

Aug 9.Scholar's Cradle

Aug 8. Running Youth

Aug 7. Sunny Life

Aug 6. Black-and-White Keys

Aug5. SDU History Museum

Aug 4. Golden Campus

Aug 3.SDU on Camera

Aug 2.Hua Gang, Former President of SDU

Aug1. Raise the National Flag

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