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Prof. Li Dechun's Research Group Makes Important Progress in Optical Properties of Low-dimensional Nanomaterials
DateandTime: 2019-12-31 10:24:17

Recently, Prof. Li Dechun's group, from the School of information science and engineering, made new progress in nonlinear optical properties of two-dimensional nanomaterials. Related results have been published on the international top journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces entitled “Broadband Nonlinear Optical Response of InSe Nanosheets for the Pulse Generation From 1 to 2 μm” (IF=8.456). The first author is Ph.D. candidate Pan Han from the School of Information Science and engineering. Prof. Li Dechun, Dr. Chu Hongwei, and a part-time outstanding young scholar of Shandong University Prof. Zhang Han are the corresponding authors.

In recent years, the III-VI layered nanomaterial InSe has been widely investigated in the fields of optoelectronic devices, sensing, catalysis, and energy due to its diverse physical and chemical properties, as well as tunable band gap. In this work, a new type of few-layer InSe nanosheets were successfully synthesized, and their micromorphology and structural characteristics were determined through various means of characterization. The relationship between the band gap and the layer thickness of InSe nanosheet was theoretically simulated and quantified. The nonlinear saturable absorption characteristics of the few-layer InSe nanosheets were studied. The results show that InSe nanosheets have excellent broadband saturable absorption characteristics in the near- and mid-infrared region. Finally, the application of InSe optical modulators in near- and mid-infrared lasers was successfully implemented, showing good optical modulation performance. This work further broadens the research field of broadband saturable absorbers and provides a new solution for the development of new optical modulation devices.

Professor Li Dechun's research group has been engaged in the research of laser technology and optoelectronic materials and devices. In recent years, it has been focusing on the photoelectric properties of low-dimensional nanomaterials and the application of ultrafast lasers. This is another landmark achievement in the field of nanomaterials' optoelectronic properties for the research group this year, after "Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes at 1 μm" (Nanoscale 11, 7287, 2019, IF = 6.97) and "Optical modulation characteristics of zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF -67) in the near infrared regime "(Opt. Lett. 44, 5892, 2019, IF = 3.866).

The links of papers:https://doi.org/10.1021/acsami.9b18632




Written by:Chu Hongwei, Pan Han

Edited by:Che Huiqing

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