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MBBS Program at SDU
DateandTime: 2017-10-24 01:35:58

Study Medicine @ Shandong University

Shandong University is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in China and was founded in 1901. The Ministry of Education approved the university as a "national key comprehensive university." In 2001, it was listed among the 21 national key construction first-class universities by the Ministry of Education. Shandong University, located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, covers a total area of approximately 3.6 square kilometers. Besides; the university has a branch in Weihai, a coastal city in Shandong province. Shandong University consists of 30 colleges and a graduate school. Courses are offered in 10 main academic disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural sciences, engineering, management, education and medicine.

School of Medicine Shandong University is one of the oldest medical schools in China, its history dating back to Medical School of Cheeloo University founded in 1911. The School hosts 27 preclinical and clinical departments, 13 teaching labs, 6 affiliated hospitals, 12 teaching hospitals and 7 training hospitals.

There are currently 1143 faculty members, including 335 professors, 136 doctoral supervisors, 1 academician of the Chinese Academic of Engineering, 3 chair professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, 2 winners of National Distinguished Yong Scholars, 3 were selected in National Talent Project, 2 winners of National Distinguished Teachers, 1 supervisor of National Excellent Dissertation, 5 Taishan Scholars, and 5 were selected in the Talent Support Program of the New Century sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China.

There are 28 institutes of basic medicine and clinical medicine. The school also hosts 3 national key disciplines, 9 provincial key disciplines, 6 key laboratories designated by relevant ministries or by Shandong Province, 2 post-doctoral training programs in basic medicine and clinical medicine, 4 doctoral programs in the first-level disciplines, including biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, and biomedical engineering, and 29 doctoral programs in the second-level disciplines. These establishments paved the way for a comprehensive system of medical education, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

In recent years, the school has undertaken over 800 research projects, including 'Project 973', 'Project 863', National Key Sci-Tech Breakthrough Project, or projects from National Science Fund for Distingguished Yong Scholars and National Natural Science Fund. Among these, over 190 have been awarded prizes including National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

Medical Program for International Students

Bachelor of Medicine 6 Years

The aim of Medical program To became the qualified physician and surgeon through 6 year training in medical school and hospital.

The Courses for Medicine Program

Part 1. Chinese

Part 2. Basic Courses of Clinical Medicine Cell Biology Human Anatomy Histology and Embryology Neuroanatomy Physiology Biochemistry Molecular Biology Medical Microbiology Medical Immunology Human Parasitology Pathology Pathophysiology Medical Genetics Behavioral Sciences Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medical Ethics Sectional and Imaging Anatomy Part 3. Clinical medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics Preventive Medicine Science of Operation Medical Imageology Nuclear Medicine Internal Medicine Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics Pediatrics Neurology Psychiatry Tropical Medicine Infectious Diseases Ophthalmology

Otorhinolaryngology Dentistry Dermatology and Venereology

This program is taught in English, and all lecturers and professors in this program are specially trained for international students.

We started this program in 2002, and now we have more than 300 students from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, English, and the United States etc. The curriculum of this program is based on the British Commonwealth educational system. General Study Program is also available.

Application Requirements

Bachelors Degree

1) High school graduates

2) Pre-medical certificate (FSC)

3) Photocopy of graduation certificate

4) Official school transcripts (Translated into Chinese or English)

5) Identification document

6) Financial statement (In Chinese or English)

Masters Degree & Doctoral Degree

1) Applicants holding a master's degree or equivalent

2) Two letters of recommendation from two university professors

3) A statement of financial resources and status information

4) Official university/college transcripts.

Advanced program

1) Applicants holding a medical education background or equivalent

2) Two letters of recommendation from two university professors

3) A statement of financial resources and status information Application Procedures and Fees

Application Procedures

Applicants are to end the Application Form, Physical Examination Record Form, and required documentation to College of International Education (CIE) of SDU. Be sure to include your full name and a mailing address; we cannot send the application via e-mail.

Applicants for graduate programs are required to take a special entrance examination given by our Center and an HSK examination (those who graduated from a Chinese college are exempted from the HSK examination). Those who are qualified will receive an Admission Notice to Shandong University and a Visa application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW202). Applicants will need the two documents to obtain a student visa (X) at the Chinese Embassy.


1. Application Fee

CN¥410 yuan. The fee is nonrefundable, cannot be waived, and is nontransferable to other institutions.

2. Tuition fee

Undergraduates & General Study program: CN¥41,000 per year

Master's degree programs and advanced study programs: CN¥36,000 per year

Doctoral programs and special training programs: CN¥40,000 per year

The fee is nonrefundable, cannot be waived and nontransferable to other institutions if not approved by the College of International Education SDU.

3. Accommodation fee

Double-bed Room: CN¥50 per room per day

Single Room: CN¥30 per room per day

Fees should be paid on the day of registration at the beginning of every semester.

4. Insurance Fee

CN¥600/year, the University will pay 400 and students will pay 200.

5. Other fees

Cost of study materials, traveling, transportation, meals and other vary on individual needs.

International Student Complex

The International Students' Complex at medical campus is set up particularly for medical science students; There are single-bed rooms and double-bed rooms, where you have available a toilet(not in single-bed rooms), central heating, central air conditioner, telephone, television, internet socket; The International Students' Complex has a little shop, and a café; the apartment building has kitchen, boiler room, and laundry room for public use on every floor.

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